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As of September 11, 2013 I have decided to discontinue my Idea Factory Blog because it was inactive and had only few posts. But I will post on a page at my second blog the list of novel ideas I had come up with and shared. These are ideas that are set to be done in the future as I have others in the works. But they are so domineering and great that I just had to share them. Thank you all who joined and commented on these ideas. At least you can still look at them here.

Date Posted: April 1, 2012

Title: Deadly Mermaids: A Jamaican Tale

Jamaica is a country steeped in reggae and fun. Bomething has come to ruin it. Mermaids. Not the ones in children fairytales or Disney Movies. They were beautiful at first sight but as they tempted you into the water things started to change. And when you were dragged into the river or sea, you'd be face to face with a cannibalistic monster. Then you were eaten alive. Never to return.

Jesse is a suburban girl who lost her sister to a mysterious accident by the sea. Jack a boy from the streets rescues a little girl one day. His eyes fall on a hissing creature that turned into a beautiful female once it's upper body was completely above water. Not waiting for the next event he ran off with the girl. He leaves her in a squatter dwelling with a woman he calls Aunt Mai-zee.

Soon he starts having strange dreams and notices he can do non-ordinary things. He learns from an obeah man that he was the only person on the island to face a mermaid under water and live. More so fight her for something and win. Jack goes home but his dreams soon turn to terrible nightmares. They all indicated one thing. The mermaids were coming for him and their retribution would not be swift but agonizingly slow.

He slipped unto a school compound to meet Jesse. A girl he knew back when he had family and a home. She often gave him spare change and rarely some old clothes to sell, use or give to Aunt Mai-zee for her to create a new outfit. But their meeting is interrupted by a girl who claims she's new and got lost. She's a foreigner and her name's Zimma Grant. The girl has huge blode curls and lightly tanned caucasian skin. The only pet peeve was that she always spoke like she had a megaphone in her hand. When Jesse offers to take Zimma to class, Jack rises to leave. But Zimma grabs his hand. He immediately saw flashes of images, none made sense. But one stood out, a memory photo of what attacked him. He pulled his hand away and hurried off.

Things were worse than he thought. The mermaids weren't coming for him. They'd already arrived. He confides in Jesse who is skeptical at first. But as things take a dark turn, she starts to think differently. Something wicked was coming and it wanted the most valued thing in a growing country. The children.

Date Posted: March 20, 2012

Title: The Biter Sisters

The Biter Sisters

Stephanie, Mary and Tiffany Waters are sisters. The older two are the most popular girls at Castle Ridge High School. But all three have a terrifying secret. They are shark people. People who are able to form shark heads to full shark bodies, have agressive speed and even in human form stay underwater for extended periods. Stephanie and Mary love it. Tiffany however wishes to be a normal human.

Crazy things happen at C.R. High. Including teenagers getting bizaree bites in strange places. But things take a dark turn when Britanny Towers is found dead in the school pool. Bite marks indicate she was bitten by a shark. But sharks don't jump in and out of school pools and things got heated between the sisters as they lose trust in each other and have to face the shark king.

Will the murder be solved. Can these sisters keep their family line a secret. If they don't, the consequences will be severe.

Update: I'm now calling this The Bite Sisters.

Date Posted: (same)

Title: Criminal Identity

Criminal Identity

A dark futuristic novel

Welcome to a world where being a criminal is the ultimate illegal. Any kind of crime from fighting in the street, to swiping a candy bar or even the worst - murder, will have you branded a criminal. They're two types of people: Innocents and Criminals.

Innocents have never broken the law and can go about their lives with little fear. Criminals however are stripped of all human rights and sent back into the world unless they commit Prison Crimes like auto theft or murder.

But having no rights makes them targets of both Innocents and Criminals alike. Because if you have no rights, you have no right to life and killing or harming you is no longer a crime. Only people 8 or older can be charged with a crime.

So in a world where criminals are the ones who have to hide in fear and Innocents can kill them without repercussions. How does morality survive? And what of the criminals who fight back or worse, decide to be a part of the game.

Date Posted: (same)

Title: The Fan

The Fan

A Dystopian Novel

Miya is a teenage girl who lives in an industrial world called The Zone. A place with little grass, no flowers, and specially assigned homes and jobs. One evening she watches a TV show and falls for one of the characters named Danin Donovan.

Miya herself is a well behaved citizen within The Zone. In school she's on and often top's 'The Good Girl Roster' which is for students who are well behaved and also excel in their studies. Her younger brother is more of a trouble maker but she wouldn't dream of being purposely bothersome in public or at home. She loves her assigned home and the privileges her family receives for upholding the laws. She sees most of the inspectors actions as just and has a loving relationship with her father. She obeys and respects her mother. Her best friend Abigail is less trusting of The Zone and it's laws but they still get along. Miya meets another girl in her Math class and along with her growing obsession with Danin, things start to change.

She decides she has to be with Danin. Even going as far as risking her 'good girl' reputation by skipping school and sneaking out of The Zone.

Date Posted: (same)

Title: Normal: Book One in The Gifted Series

Book One in The Gifted Series

Charlie Sharp is a normal girl in the Northern Region of Airee. While that might seem typical it's not. Being normal in Airee meant you weren't among The Gifted - citizens with special powers- and that made you a second class citizen with rules and restrictions that separated you from many rights and privildges only the gifted received.

Charlie's life is a bit safer for a normal. With most of her family on her side, she gets to live as close a life to a gifted person without breaking the rule. Even getting into the same school as her gifted sisters and being one of only three normals attending. Her life as a normal makes things complicated but she learned to deal with it along with the bullies and flat out normal haters. Then something turns her life upside down. She find a girl who's a magic user and finds out The Magic King has returned. The last time he rose to power it ended with non-gifted being labelled as normals as a price for betraying the gifted and allowing them to be slaves for 400 years.

Now Charlie has to decide whether to report this or look away. Either way her decision will take her on an adventure she's not only unprepared for but may not even live through.

Normal is book one in a five book series.

Date Posted: December 11, 2011

Title: My Welcome for Idea Factory

Yes another blog is born. Idea Factoy is where I'll house summaries and details for my unwritten and unpublished novels, movie treatments, videogames and more. Here members and followers can see the different ideas that come from the mind of Sheena-kay Graham.

Please read and be entertained or inspired. Don't copy what is written here for your own use. That's not what this site is for. If you're interested in co-writing or using anything posted here, please leave a comment (and email/twitter account) if you don't have a blog here and we'll start discussions from there.

I have another blog on blogger.  It's Queendsheena.

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